I'm a Web Developer with a passion for creating things that help make peoples lives' easier. I eat code for breakfast, learn new things for lunch and coffee keeps me solving problems all day through.

With over 12 years commercial experience in small teams and large, I have lead front-end development, worked in global teams and taken on full life-cycle projects. Working on bespoke database/API driven global portal systems, multi-module web-apps, community engagement websites, service aggregating and comparison sites, and CMS driven online presence / promotional websites.


  • Learning.
  • JavaScript (ES5/6), HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JSON
  • Node, NPM, Webpack, Babel, Gulp, Browserify, JSHint, ESLint, JSDoc, etc
  • WebStorm, SmartGit, BitBucket, Jira, Trello, Confluence, Redmine, Salesforce, MS Office Suite
  • ASP.Net, Linq, SQL, PHP
  • Managing IIS, SSL, SVN, Domains/Networks
  • Entity Framework, Database Design
  • MS Visual Studio, MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Media and Font Toolkits


After earning my Computer Science Degree at Loughborough University, creating what is surely the first visual in-browser web page building tool and totting up a Student Loan, I worked with the family developing a business, building a house, converting a studio shop and looking after the animals and grounds.

During this time developing my education in my own direction, hand-coding front- and back-end, pushing the limits of web interface technology, including creation of a front-end web content loader (a pre-cursor to modern AJAX) and a dynamic generation of encrypted payment buttons (avoiding the need to manually make them in advance).


Taking things to the next step I started my career by jumping in at the deep end as a JavaScript developer to overhaul a comparison site before making it the first to animate results on screen as they are retrieved and involving myself in other parts of the technical department to broaden my knowledge. With that experience and adaptability I was able to secure a position at an agency working up from general dynamic website maintenance, advancing and expanding my skill set to become lead front-end developer taking full development responsibility for large projects and managing development and production environments and servers.

After this I moved on to a global company, collaborating on modules of the web front-end to their service assurance network monitoring product suite. Further building my experience working in a larger organisation with more emphasis on development process, and using web interface technology.


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